H.I.S Nigeria

Honeypot Ideal Services Ltd (H.I.S NIGERIA)

Honeypot Ideal Services Ltd (H.I.S NIGERIA)

Job Title
Business Administrator
Office time
Monday to Friday
Job Type
Full Time
31 May, 2023

Company Description

  • Design to determine what is and isn't possible
  • Computer Savvy and Technologically Oriented


Will be responsible for embodying the company\'s idea and developing a procedure for implementing it in collaboration with external clients and maximising internal resources 

Will oversee a team to meet the client\'s vision and attain or exceed their expectations. They are responsible for bringing together and managing their team to create a well-oiled system

Manages everything from developing an accurate timeline of project completion to ensuring activities get completed within the assignment\'s parameters. 

Will effectively communicate ideas, expectations, and information\'s to team members, stakeholders, and clients as the case requires..

Report and escalate to upper management as and when needed Create and maintain a comprehensive project documentation

Understands Annual or biannual Plans of Projects and drafts the, etc.